zorbballht.com globe riding...your latest abdominal workout; the new skip in your step; the latest thump thump in your chest; your new crush; the only experience on your bucket list; the dream of dreams...the reality. The ride of your life. zorbballht.com is a New Zealand company and brand name which began life over 14 years ago. The zorbballht.com experience, generically called 'globe riding', was invented in New Zealand and developed by zorbballht.com® since 1995 using our original zorbballht.com® globes. Using this truly innovative and unique device, the crazy kiwi's took it a step further and decided it was a good idea to roll down a hill inside the zorbballht.com globe. And what an idea it was – the sport of globe riding was born! What is zorbballht.com® globe riding? zorbballht.com globe riding (generically known as globe riding) is the experience of rolling down a hill in a large inflatable globe at a dedicated zorbballht.com site. We place you inside one of our original zorbballht.com globes and roll you down our hill, wet or dry (which ever tickles your fancy!). We have two types of zorbballht.com globes available - the harness, or ZORBIT (dry) variety; and the non-harness, or ZYDRO (wet) variety. What's more, you can choose to roll down a one of our track varitations for a completely unique experience. We own the trademark for the word "ZORB" in many countries and manufacture ourZORB® globes here in New Zealand at a company-owned factory. Our zorbballht.com® globes are constantly being modified and updated to ensure they are top quality and the best in the market. You can be sure  that when visiting an official zorbballht.com® site and riding in our zorbballht.com® globes that it will be safe, fun, and an experience you just can't wait to tell everyone about. The ZORB® family began in the Tourism Hub of New Zealand, Rotorua, with the opening of ZORB® Rotorua. zorbballht.com® Rotorua is our flagship site and sees over 50,000 people a year walk through its doors, roll down its hill, jump their bestzorbballht.com® jump, and leave with a feeling of true accomplishment, exhilaration, and absolute desire for more! ZORB® Smoky Mountains is the latest addition to the zorbballht.com® family and is currently the only official  zorbballht.com® site in the USA! With tracks almost twice as long as our flagship site in Rotorua...it is the place you just have to visit if you are in the US. We have rolled - and we mean, rolled – hundreds of thousands of people down our specially designed hills at our dedicated sites around the world. In this time, we have not had a single case of projectile bodily discharge via the mouth (or any other orifice for that matter) through people riding in our zorbballht.com® globes. We pride ourselves on safety and ensuring your zorbballht.com® globe riding experience is the safest way to get your adrenaline fix. We have spent millions of dollars developing our sites to reflect this, and manufacturing our zorbballht.com® globes with only the highest quality materials and processes. This ensures Mum and Dad feel confident that they can bring little Johnny and Sarah to get their taste of what everyone is talking about...zorbballht.com® globe riding. We are always on the look out for new sites, areas, countries and people to establish the newest official zorbballht.com® site and become the latest addition to thezorbballht.com® family. Check out our Business Stuff if you're interested.
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